Atom and His Package

Atom and His Package

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Atom is a boy from Pennsylvania who writes songs on his sequencer (his “Package”), sometimes with a guitar, all in a DIY punk rock context. He is quite popular, and deservedly so. He is a genius. And damn funny. But more than just being chuckilicious, he writes great, catchy songs.

This is a compilation of singles and comp appearances thus far. Behold, I Shall Do A New Thing is on here, with his ode to the metric system (ode? More like battle cry…), a cover of the Dead Milkmen’s “Nutrition,” suitably Atom-ized, and a “hey, thanks for coming out” song about Rob Halford. This is still available through Vital Music Mailorder. The other singles are not. His seven inch on Wabana as part of the Gun Court series was limited to 500 copies, which seemed a shame, as there are a couple of his best songs on here: “Pumping Iron For Enya” details his crush on the new age singer, “Bloody Lip” is a pretty funny cover of I Hate You’s “Bloody Lip,” a plagiarized version of a song he wrote in his old band Fracture, and a Mad Lib-style song, which may seem like a funny idea, but turned out bad.

The Atom And His Rockage 7″ was released on 208 Records, a label that presses 208 copies of each release, complete with time-intensive packaging. These are four songs from the first album played out live with a standard guitar/bass/drums set-up in place of the Package. It’s pretty funny, but I kinda liked this better as its own single rather than in the midst of his other songs where the “rock” versions seem sorta out of place. Plus, the seven-inch came with a pirate eye patch! Yeah!

Some comp songs, too, my favorites being “What WE Do On Christmas” and “Son of Poop and George,” a Run DMC song that turns into a Sockeye song (are they still around?). Seventeen songs total, available on shiny CD or pretty colored vinyl. All hail Atom & His Package. He tours a lot, so go see him.

No Idea Fanzines and Records, P.O. Box 14636, Gainesville, FL 32604

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