Bloody Sods

Bloody Sods

Up and Runnin

Step-1 Music

Hi-quality, boot-kickin’ Oi! from Georgia (how come they’re on an English label? I don’t know, doesn’t matter, it’s out and it’s stompin’.)

They break into some pretty shaky territory for a 1990s band. For example, their song “Farrakhan” says some things that maybe need to be said that I will not repeat here.

While “Get ‘Em Up” yells at punks in the gutter and “Make Your Purchase” points the finger at “evangelists” who ask for your money, it’s their songs of skinhead unity or, perhaps idiocy, that people should be listening to. “Don’t Wanna Be Part (of Your Routine),” “Skin” and “Outcast” speak about the skinhead identity — maybe. Is it good? bad? right? wrong? Who has the answers? “Betrayed” concerns what happens when you’ve been on the fringe all of your life (probably less than 30 years) and now you’re confronted with serious world problems, it’s never been this bad, you can’t be carefree anymore. “Government for the People” follows up on this with some well-placed anger at corruption in all levels of government and how watching the symptoms will drive one to (at least) verbal violence.

The Bloody Sods are full of piss and vinegar; they’re really angry.

Step-1 Music, P.O. Box 21, Tenterden, Kent, TN30 7ZZ, UK.

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