Caroline’s Spine

Caroline’s Spine

Attention Please


A friend of mine told me about a great band playing one night a few years ago in Stillwater, Oklahoma. So, I set forth to see Caroline’s Spine play some hole-in-the wall club on “The Strip,” and they tore the house down! That was before they had released their first major label album, Monsoon ; a hard-rocking collection of songs about psychos, hippies, and the tragedy of war. The new album, Attention Please , continues along the same path, with the distinct “Kermit the Frog” voice of Jimmy Newquist leading the way. Most songs, like the title track, start off slow then jump right in to the hard, thick guitar riffs that really get the crowd moving at one of their shows. The lyrical focus of the album is society, childhood, and life’s everyday complexities. In a day of whiney “alternative” acts flooding the charts, Caroline’s Spine is still playing old school rock and roll with an edge.

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