2000 AD


Quality rocking metal with just enough hip-hop mixed in to make the sound unique and interesting. The songs have a personal feel to them that’s almost eerie; vocalist Hatchett has intensity yet his voice has a loneliness to it on, for instance, “Bloodstains,” that simply aches. On “Tell Ya…” it’s the exact opposite, they’re almost a RATM cover band, only they emphasize metal riffs (and good, driving funk) over the rap-ranting.

The first song, “Kill It,” and “Self-Righteous” kick a lot of metal ass, as the Rollins influence just overflows. And the screaming intensity is perfectly balanced with heavy guitar and rhythm work from the rest of the band: Catfish, Regmus, and Toad. “Wacky” Is difficult to interpret, is it about being eccentric? (“…I’m Wacky, You’re Right…All Visions No Sight…”) or being in a loony bin? (“…No forks here, no knives…Your story, your life…”). Whatever it is it’s got a lot of metal funk and great vocal harmonies. I think it’s about being locked up.

“Open Again” is a sad tune, lonely tune with, again, plenty of metal and, again, great vocals. But what about that incredible guitar solo? Awesome, I say!

Eterniti Records, 11684 Ventura Blvd,, Suite 341, Studio City, CA 91604; http://www.heavymusic.com

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