Jeff Dahl

Jeff Dahl

All Trashed Up

Triple X

Great trashy rock and roll in the NY Dolls vein for sure. Jeff Dahl must be the kind of guitarist who simply can’t get enough of the rock and roll he must’ve grown up with, so he keeps on making more and more of it. While the songs are what I’d considered sophisticated trash rock, it’s not really fair for me, that is someone who isn’t a musician, to review this album. Certainly, songs like “Miss Thing” and “Kingdom of Kicks” have a swagger to them that’s real rock and roll, but the music is so precise, would if I could, I’d write a monograph on the band’s technique. On “Ain’t Life a Bitch,” it’s as though they plotted a course on the rock and roll ocean with zero tolerance. I mean, in some bands, great songs are played, and that’s fine, but when you can recognize master technicians, it’s almost another world. I wish I could say more, but I think the greatest compliment one could pay would be to study this album with an old rock and roll guitarist and ask lots of questions. Like, “on ‘Goin’ Down in Flames’ it sounds like the guitars aren’t merely instruments, but extensions of the man’s mind…” Can rock and roll really be like that? I say it can!

Triple X Records, P.O. Box 862529, Los Angeles, CA 90086;

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