Limp Bizkit

Limp Bizkit

Significant Other


Front-runners of the current rap/metal movement, Limp Bizkit are definitely showing signs of their success with Significant Other . The production on this album is far superior to their debut, Three Dollar Bill, Y’all . Gone are the rough edges and the screaming that were about as enjoyable to listen to as fingernails scraping down blackboard. On “Re-arranged,” Fred Durst puts his actual singing abilities to the test, and gets surprisingly good results. Rest assured, though, he’s not afraid to yell to make his point, as heard on the first single, “Nookie.” Significant Other is chalked full of thick, layered sounds with funky beats and catchy guitar hooks that are sure to make you want to jump up and body slam the guy in the next cubicle. Johnathan Davis, of Korn fame, makes an unmistakable cameo appearance on “Nobody Like You,” shouting his signature line, “GO!” Music industry genius Matt Pinfield, of MTV’s 120 Minutes fame, also makes an appearance at the end of the album to help promote Limp Bizkit and nicely sums up the current state of popular music by referring to the majority of it as “disposable, happy, horse shit.” I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

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