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Blinker The Star

August Everywhere


We remember fondly that the Beastie Boys acted out the role of urban guerrillas in the faux action film that was actually their video for the song “Sabotage.” Perhaps Blinker The Star should take the Beastie’s lead and transform a video opportunity from August Everywhere into one of those melodramatic mid-‘70s TV dramas like The Streets of San Francisco . You know, “Blinker The Star – A Quinn Martin Production.” A dis? I would disagree. I actually enjoy this band’s confident embrace of moody pop periapt. The valium drop, “Below The Sliding Doors” has made some airplay headway. “On This Earth” is a keen hybrid of ELO and Spacehog. And “Pretty Pictures” is actually a real good composite of mid-‘70s AOR and mid ’90s AAA. (Which in industry terms, means Adult Album Alternative. Yeah, sure.)

Dispensing with an interesting little press kit sidenote, Jordon Zadorozny (vox/gtr/keys) was a contributing co-writer to the latest Hole album. But he and bandmates Kellii Scott (drums) and Pete Frolander (bass) don’t need to rub elbows with any celebrity skin to achieve their goals. Slow (and shameless) and steady wins the race.

Dreamworks, 9268 W. 3rd St., Beverly Hills, CA 90210;

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