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Music For Our Mother Ocean


The MOM series began in 1996 as a benefit for the Surfrider Foundation. The successes that have followed each of the three compilations have been overwhelming.

In case you don’t get the obvious reference, Surfrider was founded fifteen years ago to raise awareness and tackle environmental issues such as water pollution, coastal protection, education, and conservation. The group has made tremendous strides in maintaining the precious resource where we swim, surf, and vacation. The MOM project unites like-minded artists who donate their music to the cause.

Perry Farrell has been particularly visible in these projects from the inception. He has donated tunes from Porno for Pyros and Jane’s Addiction, who lent “Ocean Size” (Butthole Surfers Remix) for this record. There are also a plethora of old-school covers present – Brian Setzer and Brian Wilson fire up the “Little Deuce Coupe,” Allison Moorer sings the Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun,” Everclear brings back “Walk Don’t Run,” the always psychedelic Butthole Surfers revive “Summer in the City,” and “Coconut” is wonderfully reworked by Sprung Monkey.

Beck, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beasties, Lit, and Snoop Dog (with members of Rage Against the Machine), serve up some new tunes. Mix in the likes of Paul McCartney, Chris Isaak, Jimmy Buffet and Lisa Loeb, and you are also getting a great variety of music from musicians who see the tragedies of drift nets, oil spills, and ocean dumping.

MOM III allows you to sample some great, unreleased music while supporting a cause that needs everyone’s help. To learn more about the Surfrider Foundation, call 1-800-743-SURF. For more on the MOM releases, check out

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