Furious George

Furious George

V.M.L.ive Presents Furious George 5/30/98


I reckon I’ve seen Furious George perform their incredibly stupid one-chord punk rock a dozen times at least, which made for easy mental pictures as I listened to this excellent live recording. “Captured Live” has new meaning when it comes to Furious George, let me tell you…

The album is simple — a thirty-seven minute live set, including all the between-song banter. Like frontman George Tabb insulting the Fireside Bowl (Chicago) crowd, or the band carrying out their threat to play a Hanson song unless the crowd gets more involved. (They play “Mmmbop” — it sounds horrible!)

A lot can be said for a bold punk three-piece that plays original songs like “Take My Life Please,” “(I’ve Gone) Bananas,” “Burger King is Dead,” “Monkey in a Man Suit,” and “Betty Crocker, Punk Rocker.” Even more should be said for their stinging anthems “Roy Liechtenstein,” “Orbit,” and “Prozac Defense.” (These are great punk rock songs and more attention should be paid to the band!)

But what I want to see is Furious George open for Bruce Springsteen. Yes, that’s what I want to see. I want them to play before a packed stadium, full of boring, sorry-ass sucker suits; I want to see it because they play “Old McDonald Had a Farm.” They play all the verses including this one: “…And on his farm they had the Ramones/Ei-ei-ei-hey-ho, let’s go…” And I want every yuppie mofo suit and tie dweeb talking about Bruce’s retarded opening band.

Thusly, I highly recommend everyone find this fine recording so they can agree with me.

V.M.L. Records, P.O. Box 183, Franklin Park, IL 60131-0183; http://vmlrecords.simplenet.com

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