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Bodenstandig 2000

Maxi German Rave Blast Hits 3


Homemade dance music from crazed Germans. Bodenstandig 2000 constructs modern out of very early-tech sounds. Using what appears to be a dizzying array of antiquated technology (Ataris and My First Casios are pictured), Bodenstandig 2000 proves quite conclusively that it’s not the number of bits that matters. B2K sounds more than a bit like a cross-breeding between German minimalists like Trio and Kraftwerk and the Gulf Coast lunacy of master sequencer Sir Millard Mulch. “Saureschnauze” replaces the sounds of tonight’s techno floor “hand raiser” with vocal samples and a catchy as hell tag-teamed German rap – they don’t wear baseball caps because they don’t play baseball, they don’t have record players because they don’t play records, and they ask a burning question: when people will finally stop their sound-block-around-moving fever? “Kabelfreaks” waxes nostalgically for the days before neural implants amidst xylophonic touches. Completely unsuitable for commercial purposes, and loving it. As the band states, “the own hit is just a dream!”

Rephlex, P.O. Box 2676, London, UK N11 1AZ;

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