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“Fuller Up The Dead Musician Directory: A Site About Dead Musicians and how they got that way. GRIM REAPER PAGE 1999 (a running list of the latest musician deaths with links to their tribute page). Or SEARCH BY CAUSES OF DEATH, e.g. Russian roulette, motorcycle, farming, golfing, or SEARCH BY NAME!”

This site is an absolute must-bookmark for the death freaks out there, well put-together and comprehensive, including photos and excellent snotty commentary. Named for Bobby (“I Fought the Law”) Fuller, who was found beaten to death in his car with a mouth full of gasoline.


“The Death of Rock’n’Roll: Untimely Demises, Morbid Preoccupations and Premature Forecasts of Doom in Pop Music by Jeff Pike (hypertext by Jordan Schwartz and Jeff Pike)”

A cynical look at the world of Death through the eyes of rock and roll.


“Premature Death of Rock Stars: The fear of the LORD prolongeth days: but the years of the wicked shall be shortened. Proverbs 10:27

Average Age at Death of Included Rock Stars: 36.9 years.

Average Age at Death of Americans: 75.8 Years.

NOTE: This is EVERY death of a Rock star we’ve found. This is NOT a “RIGGED” list to produce FALSE numbers, but an HONEST observation.

For their rock is not as our Rock. . . Deuteronomy 32:31 “

Rabidly KJV-only site that’s taken the time to list EVERY rock star’s death in the most exhaustive, comprehensive table available!


“You’re Outta Here!! Are you wonderin’… who died ??? This page presents the most recent celebrity obituaries for your perusal.”

One of the better obituary sites out there, it’s up to the minute, comprehensive and even has photos. Seems to be objective, too.


“The Cell Death Society. Welcome! This site provides a general overview of apoptosis and programmed cell death, including its relationship to diseases and economics, job mart, links to other sites, tables of contents and more from cell death journals, announcements of meetings, discussion sessions, a job mart, and information about registering for mailings or joining the society. Next meeting Wednesday, November 3, 1999: 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Lessons from the Acid Sphingomyelinase Knockout Mouse. Free parking after 5 PM at 66th St. and York Ave. Please car pool as parking space is limited. Important notes: To help plan for pizza and number of attendees, please call Dr. Zakeri’s lab to indicate that you are coming…”

Scientists madly in love with death! It’s a tough one if you skipped biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, microbiology, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, cellular biology, and other stuff you never heard of. But if you’re curious about the science of death, have at it!


“Welcome to Findadeath.com… Through my teens, I had planned to become a mortician, but decided that it involved too much education …In 1993, I moved to Los Angeles to run a company called, “Grave Line Tours,” yeah, the one with the hearse. It started slowly, but a day or so after the O.J. killed his wife, I decided to drive the hearse by the house where Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman were killed, and pass out a few brochures. BINGO! BLAMMO! The tour ended up on almost every news and talk show – all through the trial. I was really proud of what I helped create – even through the criticism, jerks, and death threats.”

This is Scott Michaels’ site and it’s the most entertaining, informative and just plain fun death site around. He even knew some of the stars before they kicked and has lots of stories to tell.


“Death Poetry: Borrowed Time. “

A small collection of poems about death, some of them by famous poets, too.


“Welcome to Cannibal’s House of Death Metal. “

I just couldn’t let the “Death Links” section get away without one death metal link, could I?


“Project on Death in America seeks to understand and transform the culture and experience of dying and bereavement in the U.S. through support for initiatives in research, education, the arts, and public policy.”

This is from zillionaire and “liberal” megalomanic George Soros. Please feel free to die here.


“National Academy of Mortuary Science. NAMS is a homestudy program for non-licensed funeral service associates, and pre-MSC students. drkloss.com Click on the Casket to Learn How You Can Become a Certified Mortuary Technician Study at home, become a certified Mortuary Technician ! COMPLETE COURSE – $195.00”

My work is done for me. This is the shit!


“Welcome to City of the Silent!… Enjoy some Music while visiting the Site…. Albeniz: Asturias, Bach: Toccata in D minor, Chopin: Funeral March… The web’s most extensive cemetery site. Information about cemetery symbols, epitaphs, history, burials, tombstone rubbing… This site features the Web’s largest annotated listing of death-related web-pages……Cemeteries are beautiful places…they are meant to be enjoyed by the living…respect visiting hours and floral regulations…do not disturb mourners…”

There are only so many things as fun as an open-casket funeral.


“What Happens When we Die?”

A poem and other things by thirteen year-old Narelle Lobb.


“Grave Errors about DEATH: What really happens when we DIE? Pass by any graveyard or cemetery and you will see “Rest in Peace’ written on a number of tombstones…“RIP”…But many Christians are deeply concerned over the conditions of their friends and family members who have departed this life. They are concerned because they believe that death may not really be all that restful.”

Fun from Uncle Don Down Under.


“Americans with Disabilities don’t want your pity or your lethal mercy. We want freedom. We want LIFE. We cannot allow euthanasia to become the law of the land. And we let the courts and the nation know how we feel about it. Hundreds of us gathered at the Supreme Court steps and let it be known that we are NOT DEAD YET!”

An anti-death site for, about and by people who some might think are better off dead… Well think again!


“What does someone dying need? …When you get ill and are told you are going to die soon, needs come crowding in on you, jostling for scarce time and (often) scarce energies. So they in turn create their own need, a need for people and places to help you answer your needs. New needs then spring up as you begin to grasp the imperatives of dying.”

In case you’ve run out of gift-giving ideas for your dying friends.


“The Natural Death Centre is a non-profit charitable project launched in Britain in 1991, with three psychotherapists as directors. It aims to support those dying at home and their careers and to help them arrange funerals. It has as a more general aim that of helping improve ‘the quality of dying’.”

I’d say their heart’s in the right place, although I don’t know what makes a death one of quality.

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