Cutlass Supreme

Cutlass Supreme

Cutlass Supreme


I remember seeing this record on the Some Records website well over a year ago, but I never saw ANY press coverage on it. I thought that the record must have been pretty bad to not even get a single review. So well over a year later, the CD mysteriously shows up in my mailbox. So I’m thinking to myself, “why are they sending this to me NOW?” Well, I came to find that it never came out before. For some odd reason, it was delayed until now.

The self-titled debut EP is 5 songs of melodic pop/punk that I thought wasn’t bad at first, but the more I listened, the more I liked, until I eventually loved it. Cutlass Supreme take the melody of the best 80’s pop (not Duran Duran or Kajagoogoo or whatever they were called, you know, “Too Shy”?) and put a modern twist on it. Do you remember those few songs that you’d hear on the radio that were so damn catchy that when you’re in the department store or dentist office and you heard them they’d stand out from all the new wave or pop or whatever top 40 bullshit that seems even more pathetic as the years go on. That’s the feeling I get when listening to Cutlass Supreme. It’s not trendy, no gimmicks and no shameless rip-off of another prominent indie band. The songs aren’t like most emo/indie/pop/rock songs because these songs are disposable after a couple of years, but not Cutlass Supreme. Good, strong, melodic, rockin’, catchy “insert generic genre term here.” Five songs (plus a hidden one) that you’ll listen to even after you’re not into the Promise Ring.

Some Records, 122 W. 29th St., New York, NY 10001;

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