Hope Is Important


Schizophrenic pop. Schizophrenic in that, well, it’s certainly 1990s Americana pop (despite the band’s Scottish origins), but it’s also pretty darn hard and punk. The first track, “You’ve Lost Your Way,” moved me like an off-the wall punk band should, then “A Film For the Future,” confused me. How should I react? Am I climbing the walls or breaking them down? “I’m Happy To Be Here Tonight” — no, I’m not, in fact… “Everyone Says You’re So Fragile” seems to be about someone who needs her/his head kicked in, but maybe in a more subtle way. “I’m a Message” and “You Don’t Have the Heart” are kind of addictive, but the subjects are, well, they’re like love songs or maybe just “like” songs about personal relationships. Twelve songs in all.

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