Jeff Dahl

Jeff Dahl

All Trashed Up

Triple X

Steadfast journeyman (Angry Samoans, Mentors, et. al.) Jeff Dahl has spent the ’90s rocking like both a Stooge and a NY Doll alike, cutting album after predictable album with an utterly unquenchable passion for what made the early ’70s rule rock ‘n’ roll. Occasionally lapsing into studio-hermit mode from time to time, Dahl usually assembles makeshift lineups that, no matter who’s involved, bump out an end product that pretty much sounds the same as the one before. Not entirely washed up (yet), Dahl characteristically — if not enigmatically — does exactly the same on All Trashed Up , calling up a couple Sin City Girls and one Beat Angel to rock out another Raw Power -meets- Too Much Too Soon party platter. And rock out All Trashed Up does, Stonesy piano getting a nod here and there, Dahl wearing his heart on his sleeve on the usual topicals — women, drink, sin, and what not; as much fun as this sounds, these sounds have been heard many times before. Likable but entirely predictable, Dahl’s latest rocker is strictly for completists.

Triple X Records, P.O. Box 862529, Los Angeles, CA 90086;

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