Reggie and the Full Effect

Reggie and the Full Effect

Greatest Hits 84-87

Second Nature

I was hesitant about checking this record out, because a lot of people act as if it’s a novelty record. Every time I’ve read about this album, it’s described as an 80’s New Wave record. Well fuck that, because New Wave never rocked like this! The band is actually members of the Get Up Kids and Coalesce playing music with synths and other “New Wave” sounds, but the guitar is way too heavy and distorted to be associated with New Wave. It’s upbeat, catchy as hell, and has enough guitar to keep you from feeling like a sissy. They also include a lot of interludes of people talking, which are also great. This is as good, or arguably better than, anything I heard from the Get Up Kids. So don’t believe the rumors of this being a joke record. This record has some really great stuff on it and isn’t the novelty that some portray it to be, which means no silly bullshit filler. Just like the “Drunk guy at the Get-Up Kids show” says, “Reggie’s in fuckin’ full effect.”

Second Nature, P.O. Box 11543, Kansas City, MO 64138

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