Jon Pebsworth

Jon Pebsworth


The stupidest thing I ever did was thinking I could do a stage dive at a show that wasn’t very crowded. I went to see a band here in San Diego that was starting to get a lot of local attention. The show was crowded for a local show at the time, but wasn’t packed enough for stage diving. I was young and was going to a band audition the next day for Buck-O-Nine. The band on stage was Sprung Monkey. I jumped into the crowd and was caught by a few people, but that was only for a moment. They dropped me, and I did the all-too-classic slam on the concrete. The way that I landed broke my elbow. It took me a minute to get on my feet and get the hell out of there. I grabbed my ride and had him take me to the hospital.

The next day, I arrived at the audition with a sling and about 4 Vicotin in me. Somehow, I pulled off the audition and made the cut. I still have a nice little scar as old as Buck-O-Nine.

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