Gold Standard Laboratories

Did you ever wander into the wrong classroom and realize it when you looked at the board and saw all manner of incomprehensible vector diagrams? Equations that I can’t understand have always fascinated me, because they seem to exist at a level of truth independent of my understanding. The assembly of symbols seems to be random, or artistic, but at its core, it is an expression of fundamental fact. Not to get all heavy and philosophical with Physics, but with a name like that and a live album composed of two ten-minute-plus pieces, they’re asking for it. Just a little bit.

Anyway, two tracks from San Diego key players like Rob Crow and Jason Soares, building and droning their way through superorbital jams, in a most elegant fashion, to an appreciative audience. Now you too can attend!

Gold Standard Laboratories, P.O. Box 11794, Berkeley, CA 94712-2794;

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