Total Chaos

Total Chaos

In God We Kill


Just like their heroes the Exploited, LA’s Total Chaos was on a streak of releasing interchangeable record after interchangeable record. Perhaps it was the move from Epitaph to Cleopatra, but something lit a fire under Total Chaos’s asses, and In God We Kill (the band’s fourth) is living proof. Sure, no one’s ever going to hand the band an award for originality, but credit should be given to a record that seamlessly integrates the band’s characteristically derivative early 80’s Brit-core with plenty of uber -catchy street-punk/Oi! (e.g., “Let It Roll” and the endearing “Running With the Youth”) and a bit o’ thug-mosh — and there’s even a murky electronica-esque track (“Immaculate”). But if you’re still looking for irony, Total Chaos do cover the Exploited’s “I Believe in Anarchy.”

Cleopatra Records, 13428 Maxella #251, Marina Del Rey , CA 90292;

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