Sweet Jesus, are these guys for real? I mean, would incredible be an accurate word for this band? That word isn’t good enough for this band. After I read the brief bio on Deadlights, I was expecting another boring, angst-ridden rock band. This is one band that lets the music do the talking. “I need an old priest, and a young priest!” as Dr. Evil would say.

Don’t let first impressions trick you into throwing this into the hardcore genre. Deadlights are much too talented for that “Fugazi-are-awesome” mentality. Besides having a killer sound on the CD, it’s the vocalist that really makes the difference. At times, you’d swear someone was holding a knife to his throat, because he screams with his whole life. Remarkably, in his mellower moments, He reminds me of Billy Corgan. Knockout tracks include “Bitter,” “Junk,” “Nothing,” and “Sado.” Check out their super-size of melody on “Foolish Pride,” “Time,” and “Falling Down.”

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