DJ Faust

DJ Faust

Inward Journeys

Bomb Hip-Hop

Atlanta’s DJ Faust is a true pioneer in the skills of turntablism (the art of making music through DJ skills such as cutting, scratching, juggling, etc..) His first album, Man Or Myth? , is renowned as the first full-length, all-scratching recording in history, and is a definite classic in this short-lived genre. On this CD, Inward Journeys , Faust goes even deeper into his art. Inward Journeys , through its 25 songs (averaging about 2 minutes long), attempts to abstractly re-tells the myth of Dr. Faustus, through its four sections (wind, fire, earth, water). Although this is a great conceptual idea, it doesn’t seem to work. Nevertheless, Faust has the skills intact – and plenty of ’em. The beats are well produced, and some of the cuts, scratches and tricks on this album will make fan’s jaws drops. Another great album from Bomb Hip-Hop, who never disappoints.

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