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Incredible Sound of Drum n’ Bass


“Goldie’s’ Oldies” should be the name of this new CD. Goldie, the man that brought us an incredible pioneering album, Timeless , and an incredible mass of shit, Saturnzreturn , follows through with a fairly decent compilation. At times the mixing is great, and at others, it’s just bad. “Don’t break the fader Goldie, easy now.” Many of the songs can be found on the Platinum Breaks compilations I and II, which I say go hunt down, pronto! If you are into the older hard step sound, and the even older “Here Comes the Drums” by Doc Scott, and Goldie’s “Terminator,” this may be a CD to put in the archives. It’s definitely worth the small cost of a domestic double pack just to see where jungle has came and went in the eyes of the gold toothed jungle star. So I would say, for all it’s worth, I’d give this a 3-diamond studded tooth Ink 19 rating. PS: Buy Goldie’s Timeless and Platinum Breaks I & II first.

Ovum Recordings, 611 S. 4th St., Philadelphia, PA 19147;

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