Dillinger Four

Dillinger Four

This Shit is Genius

THD Records

The Dillinger Four turn me ON! Oh yeah, from the first listen I loved, loved these fellas. What exactly was it that made me love the D4? Well, I like punk rock with lyrics that impress me in some way (D4 throws in a healthy portion of politics and other stuff) and I like songs that don’t bore me. They have change-ups, which remind me of some hardcore bands with the breakdowns and what not. Anyway, they basically play super freakin’ catchy songs, and all of them has something that stands out and makes you say, “God damn, I like this song!” These songs are a collection of all their old compilation and 7-inch releases (which I have almost all of already, but it’s OK, I’ll buy the CD) and they are all great, great, great… genius? Possibly. Please, do yourself a favor and go buy this record.

THD Records, P.O. Box 18661, Minneapolis, MN, 55418

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