Release the Cure


As the car sped its way, the reflection of the streetlights moved from the hood to the trunk. The pain, the horrible pain was everywhere. These terrible streetlights, their horrible light was penetrating right through his left eye to his brain. Drive faster… maybe when he got home, the pain would stop. Would it ever stop? Should have never played that Indecision record. How could he have expected that this would happen? An innocent record reviewer who thought that he would put the Indecision CD in the stereo and see what happened. I’ll tell you what happened… his overly “hardcore” friend started to dance when the chugga chugga and familiar choking of Artie. That poor human, the anguish all caused by this record. How could he forget the scene? The dancing friend (arms and legs flailing out in some resemblance to rhythm) was becoming very worked up by the music and decided to attempt a series of finger jabs. Oh no, the poor record reviewer received a finger jab to the eye! Terrible.

MIA Records, 315 Church St.,, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10013;

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