Kind Of Like Spitting

Kind Of Like Spitting

Nothing Makes Sense Without It

New American Dream

No, really I didn’t need that heart anyhow.

I recently saw Kind Of Like Spitting live. Watching Ben eviscerate his heart through voice and guitar was like watching someone have a nervous breakdown. It was a little uncomfortable watching him bleed out lyrics so bitter, sad, and heartfelt. He’s a master of knowing exactly how to rub that sandpaper phrase against that carefully concealed emotional wound you’ve been carrying around. Some of the most unspoken, darkest insights of relationships are laid bare with a painful sincerity. It can be uncomfortable on record as well, partly because these observations are so awfully poignant and true.

So if there’s such trauma involved, why do I keep coming back to this? There’s a certain pleasant sensation to scratching that itchy scab. Plus, the songs are beautiful. Ben’s guitar is joined by Mollie’s voice and vocals, Mark’s drums and occasional piano, and Steve’s bass. Together they play music that tends to be spacious and slightly jazzy at times. Wonderfully recorded fluid heartbreak.

New American Dream, P.O. Box 245, Balboa Island, CA 92662;

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