One Way System

One Way System

Waiting for Zero


Not quite as thug-tough as most of the GMM roster, One Way System’s Waiting for Zero ain’t necessarily a walk through the park, either. Actually, it’s a concertedly rough ‘n’ ready one through early ’80s England, a time when bands like Discharge, the Exploited and the Subhumans infused class-war politics into their increasingly harder hardcore. So, where One Way System may pilfer elements — namely, riffs and rhythms — from those bands, they tone down the worldly politics a bit and focus more on those of social relationships. Though all this may sound like familiar territory, you can’t fault the band for it – after all, they are from England, so at least it’s semi-authentic. Similarly, you can’t fault them for rocking with a purpose, something most hardcore-punk bands (especially sunny Californian ones) lack right now.

GMM Records, P.O. Box 15234, Atlanta, GA 30333

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