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Southern Culture on the Skids

with the Countdown Quartet

Sapphire Supper Club, Orlando, FL • March 13, 2000

I was totally stoked at the opportunity to see one of my favorite bands, Southern Culture on the Skids. I have seen them before, and they do an incredible show. I was even more stoked to see a new, highly acclaimed band open for them. From my understanding, Countdown Quartet consists of ex-members of the Squirrel Nut Zippers. This sounded exciting, but not having ever heard their music, there was a little apprehension.

Now, before I give you the positives of the show, I must start with the negatives. First of all, isn’t Orlando a big enough town musically to get a show like this on a weekend as opposed to Monday night? Secondly, whoever decided to keep the fans standing around for two plus hours before the opening band needs to be beaten and flogged. Countdown Quartet went on at 10:30 and SCOTS at midnight! Lastly, when two incredible bands are performing, nothing sucks more to have a bad sound person. Whoever it was needs to start over and learn to do this right. CQ’s sound was quiet at times, and it was nearly impossible to hear the bass player. SCOTS was so loud, if you didn’t know the songs, it was hard to get into it. I know, because my friend, who’s not familiar with SCOTS, seemed pretty bored.

Anyway, on with the positives. CQ was definitely a very cool band. By saying they have ex-members of Squirrel Nut Zippers, people will automatically categorize them, but that’s not fair. The music is similar, but they have a much heavier jazz sound. From my wasted memory, I remember more instrumentals than actual singing. All five members (Countdown Quartet ?) are incredible musicians, and in my opinion, the drummer was just a bad ass. If you have an opportunity to see these guys, by all means, go see them

SCOTS, of course, kicked ass. Getting back to my bitching earlier, I had to leave at 1:00, and therefore didn’t get the opportunity for a complete show. I will say that SCOTS is one of those bands that everyone must see at some point in their lives. Entertaining, humorous, and four very accomplished musicians. So apart from the late start, bad sound, and loud sound, I had a good time. Man, I’m complaining about late shows and loud music. I must be getting old. ◼

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