Sex Education in the Year 2000

Sex Education in the Year 2000

Performance Space Orlando

Sex, sex, sex. Is that all people think about these days? Well, yes. That, and can I get in on this week’s hot IPO. But mostly sex. The PSO People Democratic Repertory Commune works through a dozen or so sketches on man’s (and woman’s) favorite pastime, so old, some new, and some greatly improved. Highlight of the evening — the Great Debate, with Dawn Stahlak and Dave Mackey thrashing through the dos and don’ts and wills and won’ts of oral sex. Not getting enough? Maybe you’re not giving enough. It’s a karma thing.

Blake Garden’s “Mental Masturbation” stars slow, with a nervous audience answering direct questions about their relation to Rosy Palm and her sisters, but build up to a climatic revelation of the sick and disgusting habit of reading — back and forth, back and forth, down, down, down a line, oh god, I need another page… Excuse me. Carried away. Sorry. Where were we? Oh yes. “The Maurice Popular Show”. Tabloid TV, and both Nicki and Tasha are ready to leave their otherwise loving mento take up with “Blake” and “Gianni,” the sort of lovers who never fart in bed and don’t get up to check out “Sports Center Tonight.” Plus, “Blake” glows in the dark. Bet you can’t do that.

“Perfect Days” bring out David and Dawn again, each going over their idea of how they plan to spend eternity. Cuddles, or 4 under par on the front 9 at Augusta? Shopping with friends, or wild sex with 2 nympho teenagers? A lavender bubble bath, or a bit of deep sea fishing on Bimini? You decide. Either way, wrap up the evening with an “Orchestrated Orgasm,” as improv attempts to conquer bad sex, with the cast and audience trying to fake each other’s orgasm. You got any Kleenex? I thought not.

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