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Depth Charge

Lust 2

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Depth Charge is responsible for some seriously evil voodoo. Not evil in the Scandinavian black metal way, evil as in the bad cop in an old crime flick. He’s not really a bad person; he’s just not quite right in the head. Lust 2 is part kung fu/blaxploitation, part crazed old medicine man, part deep basslines, part dope beats, and part something really sinister that I can’t put my finger on. But J. Saul Kane isn’t your average funky drummer with a sampler. He has a keen ear for harmony, rhythm and melody. He can keep the mix dense and experimental without ruining the vibe, plus he is able to integrate his samples into the song well, making them as essential component as anything else. “Cut My Veins” is a slow, deep, thick, and totally sex-drenched track. “Model Des Sexy Weird” has some bizarre production traits but is still headnodable. Mick Harris would be proud.

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