Stomping Ground


The latest project by the foursome on the Mojo label is kickin’ set of fourteen on enhanced CD. So, not only can you hear the jam, you’re in the stewpot with ’em. The band has successfully achieved a solid fusion of punk-like sound with some soulful licks, just to give the old-timers a breather. Overall, a high energy production that leaves one ready for the show or the nearest pit activity. From start to finish, a superior product with an “old school” meets “new school” flavor to it. In an age where everything is lumped into categories or compared, this music stands on its own legs… and is a virtual tripod. The band even takes time for a tribute to a fellow performer and someone with trouble identifying the sexes. Also, the band just crushes a version of “99 Luftballoons” — Nena, eat your heart out. That’s not to mention the photos and video footage; should you have access to a computer with a CD-ROM. If you dig that alt-punk groove, this one is sure to please.

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