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House Of Blues, Orlando, FL • March 29, 2000

When I finally walked into the House Of Blues on March 29th, I wasn’t too excited to see a show that night. I had seen Filter a couple years back when they opened for White Zombie, and was not incredibly impressed. Since then, Filter put together more songs for their latest album, Title Of Record. They have also created songs for soundtracks such as The Crow 2, and they also teamed up with the Crystal Method to make the song “Can You Trip Like I Do?,” which can be found on the Spawn soundtrack.

The Chicago-based band Chevelle took the stage before Filter, and played a great set. I had never heard them before this show, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying their music tonight. Their debut album, Point #1, was released last year.

Filter took the stage and the crowd went insane. They performed songs from their first album, Short Bus, including the radio-friendly “Hey Man Nice Shot,” which is rumored to be about the suicide of Kurt Cobain. Also from their debut album was “Under,” which the packed club also seemed to enjoy.

During the show, singer Richard Patrick spontaneously jumped into the crowd multiple times, but as soon as his clothes started getting ripped off his body, he would jump right back up on stage. At one point, Patrick just leisurely sat on a speaker up on the stage for about 10 minutes, creating a much calmer atmosphere. It wasn’t long before the crowd went back into a frenzy, though, as Filter played the first single off their new album, entitled “Take A Picture.” The crowd seemed as though they had waited all night to hear that one song, and sang loudly along with Patrick.

By the end of the show I was amazed on how much Filter has grown and matured. The first time I saw them, they sounded like just another band. I knew that their latest single was doing quite well on MTV, but didn’t realize what an intense following they had. Now I know just how good they are and will look forward to seeing them again next time they hit Orlando.

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