Bebel Gilberto

Bebel Gilberto

Tanto Tempo

Six Degrees

I’ve been in kind of a slow rumba mood or recent. That slow, sexy roll that comes in your footsteps kind of mood. So as I slide into yet another of my local spots for browsing CDs, I’m looking for something south of the border. I start on back to the world section, and guess who I find? Yep. Bebel Gilberto and her Tanto Tempo release. Why’d I buy it? Well Six Degrees is pretty good about giving you an honest description of the contents on the outside packaging. On Bebel’s release I found, “the new heiress to the bossa nova throne takes Brazilian music to exciting new directions on her Ziriguiboom debut.” Now, I haven’t listened to enough bossa nova to give any validity to the claim, but the deal was sealed for me when I discovered Suba had produced the release. Suba does some wonderful music, too. Well I got my “Latin vibe” stylin’ after listening to the album. I bet there a more than a few ladies out there that would love to slide around the dance floor to Bebel. Tanto Tempo!

Six Degrees Records, 602 20th St., San Francisco, CA 94107;

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