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Last Days of May

Radiant Black Mind


Free. Open. Good. I’m finding that the best music is often the hardest to describe. Two guitars, a bass and drums. What’s so tough about that?

Last Days of May are the perfect mix of abstract and concrete, the bass and drums being the concrete part, while the guitars are highly abstract. Except on “ECG 102A,” where everyone is making small sounds that cohere in the best way possible, the total being far more than the sum of its parts. No structures really emerge at all, it’s just 4 people totally focusing on the matter at hand. “Apollo Campfire,” on the other hand, is a rollicking psych ride, bass and drums providing waves while guitars surf on top. 5 tracks, 45 minutes – how can you go wrong with something so utterly sublime?

Squealer, P.O. Box 229, Blacksburg, VA 24063-0229;

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