National Skyline

National Skyline

National Skyline

Hidden Agenda

Many line-up changes have confused the issue, but for the purpose of this review and this album, National Skyline is Jeff Dimpsey (from Hum) and Jeff Garber (of Castor). This may not be important to some, but in listening to the music, you hear sounds pulled from the shadows of these bands.

Somewhere between Hum and Radiohead, perhaps, with one foot touching the ground in technoland, is where this band makes a home. Heavy and light at the same time, breathing like water. Strong rhythms, beautiful vocals, and full guitars. Introspective rock and roll that feeds your mind as you shake your head. Haunting at times, and full-on train wreck at others, the dynamics never quit. A step up from shoegazing… quick, someone, coin a phrase. Stargazing electro-pop? It’s dreamy. Full of soaring sounds, but also a strong beat that drives towards destination. That’s the problem with traveling. Sometimes you never want to stop.

Hidden Agenda Records, 905 South Lyon St., Urbana, IL 61601

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