Red Stars Theory

Red Stars Theory


Suicide Squeeze

A side of this 7″ is a cover of John Coltrane’s “Naima,” off of his Giant Steps album. The violin plays ‘Trane’s part, the guitar covers the piano, and the drums and bass fall into place. The song is played with the utmost lyricism and sincerity, and I daresay that it is heartbreakingly beautiful. More than just cover the song, Red Stars Theory really capture the atmosphere and melancholy feeling of the original. The flip seems to be a remix of “North to North Exit” done by Scientific American. I can’t really comment on its relation to the original, but this seems nice enough. “Naima” is just spellbinding, and more the reason to pick this 7-inch up.

Suicide Squeeze, 4505 University Ave. NE, P.O. Box 434, Seattle, WA 98105;

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