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A hybrid of genres with an eclectic flare for pop, Sumack classifies themselves as “Junk Rock,” and they are wonderful. The band doesn’t sound like junk, but bits and pieces of other musical styles are easily heard floating around within this collection of 13 songs, of which each sounds distinctly unique in both musical texture and lyrical pattern. Samples and keyboards, guitars, a small likening to Beck and the occasional funky beat, Sumack delivers clever ear candy that is more catchy than a baseball game.

Now Hear This is a pop triumph, a potpourri of relaxed grooves, breakbeats, acoustic melodies, quirky textures, and good ol’ fashion rock n’ roll that bleeps and blips and holds steady while it dances your pants. Songs are sung primarily by dry and Soul Coughing’s Doughty-ish vocals, which give way to the beautiful female voice box on “Downfall Days,” a song with the overlaying feel of R&B but a distinct love-pop delicacy. Sumack may be junk rock, but they easily surpass most pop bands in simple creativity and music sensibility. These folks know how to write catchy songs, and you should hear it.

V2 Records, 14 East 4th Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10012

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