Attitude!!! Do you GET IT?

For me, the answer would have to be no, no, no. The WWF must be programming for a different demographic, or I MUST BE mellowing out as I reach the upper reaches of the 18-24 target audience. The things the crowd cheered for left me cold, and the rest of it just seemed like it would be funny/cool for a moron. The only high points of this edition of Monday Night Raw were: a standout performance by Steven (once Stevie) Richards, made all the more poignant by a “Best of Raven in ECW” tape that I devoured over the weekend, and Tazz yanking his opponent over the ropes to better place him in the Tazzmission. At 11pm, sadly, I felt cheated. Over on Nitro, Lance Storm rocked the house in more ways than you will ever know, and Rey Misterio kicked it in his leopard print pants, but other than that, I have to review the tape. WCW gets the advantage tonight, but the whole Monday Night Wrestling experience comes off just lacking.

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