Event Reviews

The Blue Joules

with Nasty Habit

The Neptune Lounge, Tarpon Springs, FL • May 27, 2000

I’ve said it once before and I’ll say it again, the Neptune Lounge is a happening little place on the weekends. Tucked away in downtown Tarpon Springs, far, far away from the maddening – and, might I add, trendy – crowd that haunts Ybor City on the weekends. You’ll find something of everything at the Neptune. From very, very sexy and model-perfect chickies wearing fashions straight out of Victoria’s Secret, to ladies that were once the hoochie mommas of the hair band days decked out in their purple spandex straining over enlarged, middle-aged thighs, to Pasco County truck drivers that haven’t shaved in 4 days, to some exceptionally Hottie McHot Hots (as my friend Nicole calls them!). All come together for beer and good rock and roll music. This Saturday night was no different, and the Neptune was packed wall to wall and sweaty body to sweaty body.

Opening act Nasty Habit (at least, I think that’s what they were called, “Blah, Blah, Blah Habit” or something or other) were downright bland, and it seemed they had no set list or idea of where they were going. It was basically a jam session with no direction. As one of my fellow revelers stated as we snoozed on the sofa in back of the club from boredom, “It’s like a bunch of hippies jamming out trying to be Indians!”

The Blue Joules took the stage at approximately 11:30 PM, and kicked into full swing with the tune, “Side By Side,” quickly followed by “Communication.” Vocalist Rob Clark led the Joules with an acoustic strapped around his middle, while many of the aforementioned chickies and hoochie mommas kept a close watch on this guy. Why, oh why, is it in fashion for men to have short hair these days? Luckily, Clark hasn’t succumbed to this tragedy in male fashion… a lead singer with long hair? Yeah, they got my vote!

Handily whipping out the tune “Season’s Change,” the Blue Joules wowed the crowd and kept everyone on their toes. By the time the show ended with the tune “Movin’ On,” 75% of the club were sporting Blue Joules T-shirts, compliments of the band throwing them out into the audience like participants on a Mardi Gras float. Great band, great night of fun and camaraderie from one of the most diverse crowds enjoying music together I have ever experienced. Quite a lot of fun. Too bad all those Ybor people missed it trying to be “cool.” ◼

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