Israel Vibration

Israel Vibration



Skelly and Wiss follow up the awesome Pay The Piper release with a new creativity to deliver the consistent messages of righting injustices and spreading positive energy to a world in desperate need of this mentality.

What first struck me about Jericho was their use of a wider array of instruments and talent, which creates a new depth to the traditional roots sound. Once I saw the listing of guest artists, I was blown away! Saxophonist Dean Frazer, Flabba Holt, Sly Dunbar, and Junior Marvin made their unique instrumental contributions to the record. Not to be forgotten is the incredible guitar work from Chinna Smith, evident on most tracks, particularly “Trouble.”

Violence is a recurring theme on this effort. “Gang Bang Slam” and “Violence in the Street” are obvious references that address the problems but also contain pleas for resolution. The call for the downtrodden to rise up and overcome has been one of the benchmark messages for Israel Vibration. “Lost Souls” and “Trouble” reinforce the theme with melodic excellence.

Yet, the boys still make time to have a little fun. On “Jammin'” (not a Bob Marley cover), you find a quick travelogue of the Reggae Crew in Europe, “Ram jam ramming” for the crowd, then hitting the coffee shop for a post gig bud (not ‘weiser). “Thank God it’s Friday,” much like its Seventies cinematic counterpart, is a little ditty about getting through the work week.

Explore the many moods of Israel Vibration set in the wonderfully soothing reggae style. Delivered with passion, talent, and Jamaica’s finest musicians. For more info, check out

RAS Records, P.O. Box 42517, Washington, DC 20015;

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