The White Hole


Every instrument is tunneled through effect processors, drum loops run amuck alongside quirky keyboard noises, vocals have a larger range of tones and accents than a Tom Waits album, and it still isn’t particularly clear if Knodel is serious or not. Their songs are often repetitive, never in a strict or predictable format, and the band sounds almost like electronica Dadaism against the ’80s. It’s a collection of astray guitars and noises gurgling a rock n’ roll song, undoubtedly eclectic, often murky, and completely erratic.

While amusing, the 18 tracks of repetitive mishmash are so straight-faced and awkward that the album sometimes becomes quite inhuman and annoying — most notably the robotic voice and constant usage of the band’s name. Knodel is unique, but also uniquely irritating, and while the album could be appeasing in small doses to ponder or vaguely relish in, The White Hole is nothing that could be honestly listened to often. It’s almost a gimmick.

Spongebath Records, 101 N. Maple St., Murfreesboro, TN 37130

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