Vindication And Contempt


LAW is the sound of the bullet with your name on it. LAW is the sound of jackals tearing apart a newborn deer. LAW is the sound of genocide, homicide, patricide, and infanticide. LAW is the sound of your life slowly ending.

Mitchell Altum’s brand of power electronics is far different from those of the “two-bit hobbyists… who continue trying to impress their friends and kid themselves.” Vindication And Contempt is no hackneyed, half-assed, thrown together noise project, like those that clutter my shelves. LAW is focused and intense. What makes Altum’s project so distinctive is the coherence of the work. Each sound follows another in a way that augments the mood of the piece.

The strummed guitar overwhelmed by the swarms of feedback packs a unique emotional blow. Altum carefully layers texture upon texture, and uses tectonically shifting drones to overwhelm and drown the listener. His swarms of corrosive electronics wrap tighten coils of barbed wire around your battered and bruised psyche.

Vindication And Contempt is a testament to Strength and Will. Mitchell Altum has manifested his Will to Power into astounding sonic document of brutality and hatred, which is far more challenging and effective than most of the bullshit clogging the dark electronic scene. Recommended.

Triumvirate, 853 E. 3rd St., Mishawaka, IN 46544;

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