Reinventing The Steel


I remember when David Lee Beowulf and I introduced this band to the metal masses in Melbourne 10 years ago. It was great to hear a new metal band come onto the scene and kick major ass. Pantera definitely had a lot of attitude to go along with in your face heavy metal.

I must admit that I kind of lost interest in metal a few years ago, but I still enjoy cranking the stereo to get my aggressions out, and Reinventing The Steel is perfect for it. Over the years, Pantera has not lost a step. They are just as heavy, if not heavier, than they were ten years ago. Some of the stronger songs include “Goddamn Electric,” “You’ve Got to Believe,” and my personal favorite, “Yesterday Don’t Mean Shit!!” I can get anywhere in town in less than ten minutes listening to this song.

It’s refreshing to still have rock bands that will not sacrifice their sound or fan base in order to sell more records. Pantera is one of the few bands that offer no apologies for their music and they keep putting out remarkable music, whether or not it is commercially acceptable.

Elektra Records, 75 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10019

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