Antipop came out around the end of 1999. I meant to buy it, but for some reason, never did. That was a mistake. I bought it the other day and haven’t stopped listening to it. I hope to persuade the people at Ink 19 to print this, because I don’t think anyone has reviewed it. This is by far Primus’ most impressive effort to date. All of their albums are good, but this one seems to really be it: their masterpiece. I always have felt that their past three albums lacked a lot of what their first two records had, and that’s freedom. What I mean by freedom is looseness. Ever since they signed to Interscope, their recordings have sounded a little stiff, as if they were trying to please people other than themselves.

It’s hard to explain my feelings for this album, but I feel that Primus rediscovered their music. This is the effort that I expected but never got after Frizzle Fry. Again, their effort since Frizzle was good, but they lacked something, a groove, a feel, something that is hard for me to explain. But I guarantee that if you are a Primus fan, you’ll love this record. From beginning to end, every track is flawless.

The best songs were produced by Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine), and they include “Electric Uncle Sam,” and “Mama Didn’t Raise No Fool.” Matt Stone, Fred Durst, Stewart Copeland, and Tom Waits also lent their respective producing talents. I can name every song and rave about each one, but that would take up too much space. Trust me, this is an outstanding record.

Interscope Records, P.O. Box 1621, Burbank, CA 91507

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