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The Persuasions

Frankly A Cappella


The idea of a sextet of black vocalist performing a tribute to Frank Zappa may seem a bit surreal and Zappa-esque to begin with, until you read the insert and find out that Zappa is responsible for not only giving the Persuasions their first recording contract, but also that the two broke down several color barriers together. That and more is detailed in the fascinating liner notes, but really, the music here speaks for itself. Fully a cappella renditions of “Cheap Thrills,” “You Are What You Is” (esp. fitting in this case), and “The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing” showcase both the Persuasions’ immense vocal talents and Zappa’s fantastic compositions, making it clear that he not only had a way with music, lyric and arrangement, but also was a philosopher of the first degree. A loving and impressive tribute.

EarthBeat!, P.O. Box 1460, Redway, CA 95560-1460

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