Stuck Mojo

Stuck Mojo

Declaration of a Headhunter

Century Media

Often lazily likened to high-profile urban-metal luminaries Korn and Limp Bizkit, and having been in the biz just as long, Atlanta’s Stuck Mojo thankfully have more in common with the considerably high-minded Helmet, both bands stomping out cerebral yet slammingly accessible grooves with the force of a wrecking ball. The band’s fourth and latest wrecking ball, Declaration of a Headhunter, continues on the same trajectory as previous hook-laden assaults, this time the difference being the rifle’s target is at its most focused, Stuck Mojo thusly establishing themselves not merely as contenders to the urban-metal throne, but rather as possessors of the genre’s crown, namely because the quartet rises above tedium and clich• by fusing the difficult with the catchy. The most telltale sign of this is guitarist Rich Ward’s chunky, piston-precise staccato riffing, which remains tougher than leather even during parts where more delicate dynamics or textures are needed. Likewise, Ward actually knows how to bust out killer solos, something Munky and his flunkies can’t claim an iota. Speaking of being tougher than leather, vocalist Bonz’s rap-inflected barbs on society pull no punches and are made all the more incisive by his multi-faceted voice, remaining just as compelling whether he croons, cajoles, or corks. Seriously, few bands — metal or otherwise Ã- can tap more veins of energy than Stuck Mojo do on Declaration of a Headhunter.

Century Media, 1453-A 14th St., Suite 324, Santa Monica, CA 90404;

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