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The Mendoza Line

We’re All In This Alone


Athens-based the Mendoza Line took their name from Mario Mendoza, a major league baseball player who scraped by with a .215 lifetime batting average. True to their name sake, the group seems to celebrate failure in their lyrics and melodies. We’re All In This Alone, however, is not in itself a loser. To the contrary, this record is a testament to the glories of indie at its best. We’re All In This Alone, the Mendoza Line’s third album, is a refreshingly atypical Athens record. It has more in common with Ida, Belle and Sebastian, and Nick Drake than it does with that slew of e-6 Beatle/Beach Boys idolaters. If for nothing else, the uniqueness of We’re All In This Alone makes it worthy of praise.

Bar/None Records, P.O. Box 1704, Hoboken, NJ 07030;

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