Fay Wray

Fay Wray

I Love Everyone

No Idea

Far and away one of my favorite punk rock records lately. This fits in with Radon in the best ways [~] driving energy, melodic indie rock-ish hooks, and heartfelt lyrics that demand shouting along. There’s an anthemic quality involved, partly due to the punchiness of the music but mostly due to the cathartic nature of all this. The words seem a result of a great deal of introspection, but rather than singing confused, unfinished thoughts there is resolution presented here. Tying up and moving on. There’s inspiration here. Not to mention a tendency to make me want to ball up my fist and scream “fuck yeah!” From a somewhat light-hearted middle finger to Superchunk (“Kiss My Ass”) to rooting out the source of and facing up to discouragement (“Cookbook America”) to dealing with the threat of possible amputation (“La Dolce Vita”), there’s some gritty stuff on this.

This is the second record from this sometimes-a-band. I’m kicking myself for not catching them in Gainesville recently when I had the chance. I’m keeping the hope alive that they’ll record more together and maybe play around these parts again.

No Idea Fanzines and Records, P.O. Box 14636, Gainesville, FL 32604; http://www.noidearecords.com

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