The Romp

The Romp

There are few things men like as much as beautiful women, except maybe for cartoons. In fact, there is nothing like a good girlie Web site, and The Romp at is nothing like a good girlie Web site. The idea is something like The Man Show without any sense of irony. The site features supposedly beautiful women in swimsuits and lingerie and lots of Shockwave cartoons, many from CampChaos, ( The site is difficult to navigate and the payoff is somewhat lackluster. The site would love to be an online version of Playboy, Maxim, or Gear. The models and the photos are decidedly un-erotic or glamorous. They look like they’ve been done by a studio shooter who decided to take a break from shooting food and wristwatches to shoot some models. The posing is dull and the angles are often quite unflattering. When compared to the photography in the sites and publications The Romp is trying to emulate, it comes off rather poorly. There are nearly infinite sites to see T&A and maybe find something funny, and The Romp is clearly not where it’s at.

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