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Barnyard Playboys

Dumbass on a Rampage


What regular barncore is to regular bestiality, the Barnyard Playboys are to doin’ it with twin sheep. It don’t get more primitive than this, a sloppy but energetic stumble through eighteen tracks of backwoods sentiment. I’m not sure who’s doing the vocals – probably the cowboy in the bikini (“J. Lyons Esq.”) – but he’s got a great rasping voice, belting out the lyrics with admirable country abandon. The band keeps up somewhat capably, sounding like after-hours drunks picking up the headlining act’s gear. Song titles like “Foggy Mountain Nervous Breakdown,” “Terminal Case of Morning Wood,” “Substance Abuse Diet,” and “I’m Hurt, Let’s Party” seal the Barnyard Playboys’ as the country Killdozer. Get this and be swept up in glorious washes of rampant drunken idiocy.

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