Ramona And Beezus

Ramona And Beezus


Idols of the Marketplace

Begin. Spoken word, sounds like lyrics being read. Then the guitar hits acoustic and hard. That Simon Joyner strum, but against it vocals that soar and strain and fly through heartbreak sounds. Vocals that might not, at times, sound out of place on a Promise Ring song. The slight out-of-key singing and constant guitar-string frenzy can get to be a bit much at times, but the honesty in that is also refreshing. I do keep thinking of Simon Joyner, but it’s deeper… maybe like one of those mellow rainy-day songs by Hazel. Sometimes the flow of loss and angst and perhaps too much regret also makes me think of Bright Eyes, though these arrows don’t pierce me as deeply.

Idols of the Marketplace, P.O. Box 50138, Ft. Wayne, IN 46805

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