The Juliana Theory

The Juliana Theory

Emotion Is Dead

Tooth & Nail

Clean and hard-driving power pop that cuts through most of the pop with a straight-edge guitar. I hear hints of bands like Possum Dixon, but the Juliana Theory moves in a different direction. Almost too happy at times, with the sha la la and hey yeah yah, but balancing that is the gutter-down anger of the guitar. It hits a hard turn and screams and wails distorted while the metal falls like some almost-industrial hangover. There’s some wickedness going on, but it’s not too dark to enjoy. The bass can roll like some underwater stream, with little hints of electronica in the background. Sweet, sweet emotion and it hurts. So it’s stop, start… and start again.

Tooth And Nail Records, 108 Occidental Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98104;

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